Mission Stament

Allouez Stampede FC


Our club is very unique in Northeast Wisconsin. Players can try out for whatever team they choose. Most importantly, each team establishes its own goals and philosophy. We have teams that compete at the highest levels including National League, State League, and Premier League. We also are a club where you can form a team and "just play." While the number of teams in our club varies from year to year, we continue to field a very strong club and have a steady influx of new teams each year as a result of this approach.

What we ask of parents

Like any volunteer organization, we depend on parents like you to pitch in. Most of the need resides at the team level. There is one key area, however, where the club needs your help. All parents are required to model positive behavior on and off the field during team and club events.

Sportsmanship/self-policing approach

Many of us have developed a real passion and love for the game. All too often, unfortunately, that zeal crosses that line where our competitiveness turns destructive. Our club is committed to positive sportsmanship and takes a very tough stand on negative behavior from players, coaches, and parents. We take the behavior of our members very seriously

In 1999, our club became the first club in the area to formally establish our own internal "sportsmanship review panel". This panel consists of three board members that personally review incidents and behavior patterns that are brought to our attention. The panel has been delegated authority by the board to immediately pull a player's or coach's pass for up to four games. The panel can then recommend additional disciplinary action to the board including suspension or expulsion of players, parents, and coaches. Player passes can also be pulled based on the behavior of their parents.

THE SANCTIONS OF THIS PANEL APPLY INDEPENDENTLY AND ARE ABOVE AND BEYOND THE EJECTION/SUSPENSION GUIDELINES SET FORTH BY THE EAST CENTRAL WISCONSIN YOUTH SOCCER LEAGUE AND THE WISCONSIN YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION. You can view the League guidelines at www.ECDSoccer.org. All players and parents are advised that the referee association has been requested to furnish names of players and parents who "cross that line" to the review panel.? In short: let the players play, the coaches coach, and the referees manage the game! In short: let the players play, the coaches coach, and the referees manage the game! Thank you for your cooperation! Have a great season!

Enjoy the great game of soccer!

Guiding Principles:

We are committed to a culture in which players can enjoy the game and develop skills to make them more complete players each year.  We follow a long term development process that does not include short cuts just to win. At Allouez, we are just as proud of our young academy players as we are of our State Cup Champions.

Advantages of Joining United Soccer of Allouez

We feel there are many advantages that come with participation in our club. Among the most obvious are the following:

  • Because the club's focus is on support versus control of member teams, politics doesn't interfere with why we are all here.
  • It's easy to form a team and "just play."
  • Players can try out for whatever team they choose.
  • We keep red tape to a minimum.
  • Overhead expenses are low - almost all of the player fees benefit that player/team directly.
  • Players, parents, and board volunteers are energized!


Good sportsmanship is a given; the club takes a very tough stand on the negative behavior of players, coaches, and parents toward referees or opponents. The club reserves the right to apply sanctions over and above those levied by the District Games Commissioner including suspension or expulsion from the club. In addition, players can be suspended or expelled due to the action of their parents or guests.