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Midwest Regional League


US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional League (MRL) provides an opportunity for the most competitive teams in the Midwest to play each other on a scheduled basis while also competing for placement in the prestigious US Youth Soccer Regional Championships, as well as automatic qualification into the highly-competitive US Youth Soccer National League. 

The MRL is comprised of the top Region II teams (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio North, Ohio South, South Dakota and Wisconsin). Teams earn the right to compete in the MRL based on play within their own State Association's competitions. The MRL features three tiers — Premier I, Premier II and First Division

1. A team playing the Premier Division in the Wisconsin State League or that wins the Wisconsin State Championship title can apply to play MRL for the follwoing season. 

2. Most competitive. 

3. For the committed and disciplined player that desires to reach the next level in youth soccer. 

4. Requires time, travel, and financial commitment from parents. MRL teams play in the Midwest states. Travel, food, hotel accommodations (not all inclusive list) are additional expenses parents of MRL players can expect. 

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