Wisconsin State League


1. Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association is divided into 12 geographic districts. Each district is further divided into clubs

2. There are three divisions in the Wisconsin State League: Premier, First Division, and Second Division

3. About 8-10 teams in the Premier Division (depending on team registrations)

4. About 10 or more teams in the First and Second Divisions (depending on team registrations)

5. Club teams apply for a division in the sate league each June. The Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) reviws and accepts teams

6. Each team's prior season league games and tournament record is taken into consideration for the following season league placement

7. There is a fall season (Sept.-Nov.) and a spring season (Apr.-Jun.) for the U11-U14 age groups

8. Games are played on weekends (either Saturday, Sunday, or both)

9. Competitive

10. Traveling to the Milwauke, Madison, and Fox Valley areas is required

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